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Expertise and equipment to handle your out of gauge cargo
Through years of experience, we have developed strong expertise for special cargo. We can offer a large fleet of flat rack and open top containers along with specialists in the industry to provide you with a first-class special cargo service wherever and whenever you need it.
Most common out-of-gauge cargo is road and building equipment, industrial and agriculture equipment, as well as water transport. For out of gauge cargoes and the cargo which require special attention and special equipment, Greatship delivers the right solutions and right service to its valued customers at the right time and right price. Stuffing and lashing of the cargoes are also carried out professionally by ensuring the quality of Materials used for lashing the cargoes.
OOG Cargo Service for you:
  • Industrial equipment
  • Big machinery
  • Special cargo
  • Package for water-proof;
  • Lashing
Container for OOG Cargo:
Open Top Container: 20OT, 40OT
Flat Rack Container: 20FR, 40FR
Typical Specifications for Open Top Container
Container type 20’ OT 40’ OT
Maximum gross weight 30,480 kg 30,480 kg
Tare weight 2,200 kg 3,880 kg
Payload 28,260 kg 26,600 kg
Internal dimensions (nominal)
Length 5,902 mm 12,036 mm
Width 2,352 mm 2,352 mm
Height 2,348 mm 2,348 mm
Door opening
Width 2,340 mm 2,340 mm
Height 2,280 mm 2,280 mm
Roof aperture
Length 5,674 mm 11,798 mm
Width 2,252 mm 2,232 mm
Clearance between header stubs 1,940 mm 1,940 mm
Typical Specifications for Flat Rack Container
Container type 20’ FR 40’ FR
External dimensions
Length 6,058 mm 12,192 mm
Width 2,438 mm 2,438 mm
Height 2,591 mm 2,591 mm
Bed height 370 mm 647 mm
Internal dimensions
Length between end panels 6,038 mm 11,980 mm
Side access 5,612 mm 11,684 mm
Length between headers 5,850 mm 11,984 mm
Supported width 2,210 mm 2,378 mm
Cargo width between corner posts 2,227 mm 2,230 mm
Cargo height 2,213 mm 1,960 mm
Folded height 370 mm
(7 units per 8' 6" bundle)
647 mm
(4 units per 8' 6" bundle)
Cubic capacity 29.3 cu m 56.7 cu m
Maximum gross weight 34,000 kg 50,000 kg
Tare weight 2,740 kg 5,000 kg
Payload 31,260 kg 45,000 kg
Concentrated load 20,000 kg
(over central 2 metres)
30,000 kg
(over central 3 metres)
Stacking 86,400 kg / post 86,400 kg / post
Stanchion sockets 5 per side 7 per side
Lashing bars 5,000 kg pull 5,000 kg pull

What do our clients say?

Greatship gave us the ability to improve our supply chain by reducing our freight
costs through process improvements-not only rate reductions.
-John, Consumer Goods, USA

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