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The size, scale, and experience to help with any warehousing and distribution challenge

By using our own resources and advanced IT technology, Greatship provides its clients one-stop logistics services including warehousing services, distribution services, value-added services and e-commerce services.

Our warehouse offers maximum security for your cargo with 24/7 surveillance cameras located in strategic locations to keep an eye of your cargo during the stuffing and un-stuffing process and also when our crew leaves for the day.

It provides customers with accurate, timely and professional logistics services, creating value for customers.

Strategically located at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong border line buffer, we can offer a total solution of purchasing, shipping and inventory management service by deploying an advanced computer management system to full service.

As a third-party logistics providers in southern China, Greatship in Hong Kong and southern China has a professional vehicle fleet,which can provide customers with home delivery and distribution services . Greatship also specializes in imported goods and services of the Hong Kong airport, supporting the professional import customs clearance, freight can help customers realize the rational allocation of the distribution process, reducing the cost of circulation.

Having provided safe and secure storage of goods, according to required storage conditions, Greatship performs full scope of warehousing services:

•    Rack, block & shelf storage
•    Cross-docking
•    Picking, packing, repacking, labeling
•    Warehouse reporting
•    IT support

What do our clients say?

Greatship gave us the ability to improve our supply chain by reducing our freight
costs through process improvements-not only rate reductions.
-John, Consumer Goods, USA

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