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Ship from China to Singapore

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With a team of freight professionals with expertise and know-hows, we can always provide you a tailored shipping solution to freight your cargo from China to Singapore and from Singapore to China.

Featured Service

We provide the following features services to meet your various needs.
Sea freight FCL/LCL
Bread bulk cargo
Door-to-door delivery service from Guangzhou to Singapore, sailing every week
SEA/AIR Services

Focused Industries

We have been managing shipments like textile, clothing and electronic products, furniture from China to Singapore for years of experience. No shipment is too large or small for us! From time of order placement to final delivery, we are in complete control of your freight.

Suggested Incoterm: FOB/CIF/DAP

These are three common incoterms when delivery from China.
Basically how much of the shipping you pay the supplier to handle based on the incoterm you select; you can let the supplier handle the goods transportation to
a nearby port in China, which is FOB
a nearby port in your country, which is CIF (including maritime insurance)
all the way to your facility, which is DAP (not including tariff and taxes)

This are the incoterm we suggest always when shipping from China to Singapore.

We hope we were able to help for your cargo from China to Singapore.

If you are looking for more information please let us know, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can get a free quote now or contact us by mail.

Case Study:
Check out how we ship Out of Gauge Cargo from China to Singapore: Out of Gauge Cargo Handling for Hy Air Solutions